why don't they make wind up baby swings anymore

Why Don’t They Make Wind Up Baby Swings Anymore?

Some toys from your childhood are considered timeless classics—you can’t help but remember playing with them and fondly recall the joy they brought to your child-like imagination and sense of wonder. Why don’t they make wind up baby swings anymore?

Every time we turn around, another company has come out with a new product that’s supposed to make your life easier. And it’s no different when it comes to baby swings.

Wind-up toys have been around for 90’s baby swing and are still popular today. However, they’ve become less popular in recent years because of safety concerns. When you think about it, a swing that spins 360 degrees is pretty dangerous. It could pinch or hurt someone if the child falls out of the swing while he’s spinning around (or even if he gets caught in the middle).

So what happened? Why haven’t manufacturers stopped making these types of toys? 

That’s what we’ll look at in this article! Even if you don’t have kids, you can likely relate to this one, as I’m sure there’s at least one toy from your past that you’ve never forgotten and would love to see available again.

90’s baby swing

9 Reasons On Why Don’t They Make Wind Up Baby Swings Anymore?

Did you know that there is a reason why baby swings are no longer sold in some places? The reason is not that they have become obsolete, but actually the complete opposite. In this article section below, I will give you 9 reasons why don’t they make wind up baby swings anymore.

1. They’re Loud

Windup baby swings are loud, and they can be heard from across the room. There are many people who find this noise to be annoying and unpleasant. The majority of modern baby swings come with a volume control option, so you can adjust the sound level to suit your needs.

2. They’re Expensive

When they first appeared on the market in the late 1800s, windup baby swings were very expensive.As time went on, these devices became more affordable and less expensive to purchase. However, there is still an initial cost associated with purchasing a windup baby swing today that may make some people think twice about buying one for their own children or grandchildren.

3. They’re Heavy

Wind-up baby swings were relatively cumbersome. At least one of them weighed about 25 pounds and needed to be plugged into an outlet. The batteries for battery-powered swings could only power the swing for about an hour, so if you wanted to use it for the entire day, you needed to keep swapping out batteries.

Nowadays, you can find battery-operated baby swings that run off of rechargeable or alkaline batteries (or both), which means you don’t have to plug them in at all. This is a huge improvement over wind-up baby swings, which are still very popular today despite their shortcomings because they’re so affordable.

4. They Come With A Lot Of Moving Parts

Wind up baby swings are made from a wide variety of materials and have a lot of moving parts that can break down over time. When you buy a new swing, it will often come with a warranty that covers any defects in the manufacturing process or materials. However, if your child is rough on their toys, then they may not last as long as expected.

5. The Batteries Can Easily Wear Out

Wind-up swings require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. You need to make sure the springs are taut and the gears are oiled with a special lubricant. If you don’t take care of your swing properly, the motor can wear out quickly or get jammed up in its housing.

If this happens, you’ll need to buy a new motor or pay someone else to repair it for you.

6. They Can Be Weirdly Fast

In the olden days (which were the mid-2000s), you had to wind up the swing with your hand or move it by pushing on a pedal with your foot. This is why they were so fast: because you had to do it yourself! Nowadays, you can push a button or wave your hand in front of an infrared sensor and voila! Your swing starts moving at a steady pace that won’t wake up your sleeping baby.

7. They Are Hard To Wind

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a wind up baby swing is that it can be extremely difficult to get them started without help from another adult. If you’re by yourself with an infant who needs soothing right now and no one else is around, this could be quite frustrating!

8. There’s Not Much Room For Adjustment

In most cases, wind up baby swings can only be adjusted for height. This means that if your child is sitting up and leaning forward, you’ll need to raise the seat or get out the step stool so they can be comfortable again. This gets expensive fast because you’ll be buying more equipment for your house instead of using what you already have!

9. The Bed Isn’t Always Safe For Sleeping

The bed is supposed to be a safe place for babies, but it’s not always safe for sleeping. Babies can roll out of bed, and you don’t want them in an old-fashioned cradle because they can get their heads stuck between the bars.

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Do They Still Make Wind Up Baby Swings?

Yes, they do! You can find them in stores such as Walmart or Amazon. You can also find them in toy shops or baby stores. It is recommended to buy them at this time, as they tend to sell out during the holiday season. Also, it is a good idea to go for second-hand baby swings as they are cheaper than the new ones.

Are Baby Swings Necessary?

There are many benefits to baby swings. Some of these benefits include helping babies sleep longer, aiding in colic and gas, and helping you get stuff done around the house. Just like anything else, there are a few reasons why you may not want to use them, but all in all, they are a good investment.

What Happened to Wind Up Baby Swings?

Wind-up swings had a metal or wicker frame and telescoping legs, allowing parents to adjust the height for their child.A crank on the side provided the wind-up power, which allowed the swing to sway back and forth. The metal frame wasn’t flexible and was relatively heavy, which was good because it kept the swing from rusting when not in use.

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The Verdict: Why Don’t They Make Wind Up Baby Swings Anymore?

In an era when we’re told to eliminate all plastic from our lives and explore more natural alternatives, fewer and fewer people are willing to go back to wind-up toys like the baby swing. It’s not as if wind-up toy manufacturers aren’t trying anything new, but our world has become so high-tech that it’s challenging to go back.

The bottom line here is that old style wind up baby swing are a great way to get any baby to swing, and they were a fun distraction for me when I was young. So don’t be afraid to go dig through those dusty boxes in your attic. You never know what you might come across!

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