is it safe to hang things above a crib

Is It Safe To Hang Things Above A Crib?

Hanging or dangling objects above your baby’s crib can be tempting, but you need to know that hanging anything from the crib’s frame or its roof is not safe. Even leaning items up against the side of the crib can be dangerous if they fall over and hurt your baby. Still, wondering whether is it safe to hang things above a crib? You should keep in mind some points when considering hanging objects above the crib.

4 Reasons Is It Safe To Hang Things Above A Crib?

The Answer: Is Yes. 

This article will cover 4 main reasons you can hang things above your baby’s crib. I am writing this as an expecting mother who wishes to be prepared for whatever comes her way when the new baby arrives.

1. It Helps The Baby Learn

If you hang things over your baby’s crib that is black, white, or red (like mobiles) and have high contrast patterns, it will help stimulate their vision. As the baby grows older, you can add more items to the mobile to help them learn shapes and eventually letters and numbers.

2. It Teaches The Baby About Their Environment

The baby will also learn how to play with the toys independently. They will develop their gross motor skills while moving around and playing with the toys in their crib. It is best to get the toys that your baby can use in different ways. This way, you will be able to change them up every once in a while so that your baby is not playing with the same ones repeatedly.

The baby will learn about their environment and allow them to see what is around them. They will be able to see what is going on around them, and they will be able to see how things work when they are being put together or when they are being taken apart. This can help them develop the ability to think for themselves rather than rely on others to tell them what to do.

Babies have a natural tendency to want to explore and take things apart because this helps them learn about their environment. You can make sure that your child does not get bored by putting some exciting toys in their crib for them to explore.

3. It Can Be Good For A Baby’s Eyesight

Mobility is essential for healthy development in babies, including eye movement and movement in other parts of the body. When babies can move their eyes back and forth between objects, they learn to use both eyes together and improve their depth perception.

Mobile provides a natural opportunity for this kind of training — babies are instinctively drawn to its movement and colors and will follow it with their eyes to see where it goes next.

4. It’s A Fun Way For You To Decorate The Nursery

You don’t have to go crazy with decorating, but you can upgrade the look of your nursery by hanging things like a mobile over the crib. This is a great way to give your child some visual stimulation, and it also adds an aesthetic element to the room.

5. Most Cribs Have Slats Or Bars That Are Far Apart Enough To Hang Things From

As long as your child is young enough not to be able to reach things that are hanging above them, there shouldn’t be a problem. Most cribs have slats or bars more than 3 inches apart, which means you can hang plenty of different things from them.

6. It Helps The Baby Sleep

If you provide your baby with something to look at while they’re lying down in their crib, it may help them learn faster and sleep better. When they have something to look at while lying down in their crib, it keeps them from getting bored and crying for more attention.

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The Verdict: Is It Safe To Hang Things Above A Crib

For the most part, the short answer is yes—it’s safe to hang things above a crib. However, it’s essential to keep safety in mind when hanging a mobile, or anything else for that matter, above a crib. If you have any doubts, err on the side of safety. While you only want to make things as safe as possible for your baby, you also don’t want to do more harm than good by accident.

If you carefully plan out how to hang your mobile and follow the steps and guidelines provided here, you should be good to go. Remember the golden rule: if in doubt, don’t do it.

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