DIY Project: How to Make a Baby Crib Rail Cover?

DIY Project: How to Make a Baby Crib Rail Cover?

How to Make a Baby Crib Rail Cover? You have probably considered making best crib rail cover for your child at one time or another. Making your cover is simple, uses inexpensive materials, and is more attractive than other specially-designed ones available from the store. However, if you don’t know where to start and aren’t sure whether it’s worth the effort, we can help!


There are many different ways to make a homemade crib rail cover. You can use any fabric you want, but here I have listed some other examples of cloth that you can use on this project. You will not only learn what fabrics you can use, but I will also show you how to make them step by step.


What is the Crib Rail Cover? 


A crib rail cover is decorative bedding for your baby’s crib. It protects the crib rails, and it adds a touch of class to the room. They can be silicone crib rail cover,  vertical crib rail covers, mini crib rail cover, plastic crib rail cover etc. These covers can be purchased at any nursery supply store or department store. Here are some of the most common types of crib rail covers:


Mini crib rail covers: Mini crib rail covers are usually made from fabric, but they can also be made from leather or vinyl. They come in many different designs and can be used as wall hangings or blankets for your baby’s bed.


Standard crib rail covers: Standard-sized crib rail covers come in many different sizes and styles. You can find classic-sized crib rail covers that match your decor or standard-sized crib rail covers designed to fit your particular needs and specifications.


Custom crib rail cover: If you have specific needs for your customization needs, then customizing a standard-sized crib rail cover might not be enough for you. Customized crib rail cover options include monogrammed textiles, embroidered designs, and appliqued designs.



How to Put on Crib Rail Cover?


  • Remove the hooks from the corners of the crib rail.
  • Place the hook in the middle of the crib rail, then take a small piece of tape (or paper) and secure it to one end of the hook.
  • Place two more pieces of tape or paper on each side of the hook so that they overlap slightly in the center, where they meet at 90 degrees.
  • Place another piece of tape or paper over all three elements. Make sure that none of these pieces overlap or touch each other. Otherwise, they will not stick together securely!


How to Make a Crib Rail Cover?


Step 1: Safety first


Before your baby crib rail cover diy, ensure your home is safe and sound. Crib rail cover safety is important for the baby crib. You don’t want to be putting yourself or your child in danger by making a cover that doesn’t meet safety standards. Make sure that the crib rail is free of any sharp edges. If it has a sharp edge, it could cause injury to your baby.


Step 2: Measure the rail of your crib


Measure the rail of your crib. The length of the cover needs to be about one inch longer than the length of the rail. The cover needs to fit over each side of the rail but not go down to the bottom.

Measure the rail of your crib to determine the length of fabric needed. The rail should be at least 11 inches long for a standard crib, and you’ll want to ensure it’s longer than this since you’ll be sewing it on the side of the crib. If you have a toddler bed, you will want to measure from the top of one side of the bed to the bottom of another side.


Step 3: Gather your supplies


Gather your supplies.

You will need:

A fabric, cotton, or linen (preferably natural)

A felt or cotton yarn, or double-sided tape

Scissors and a ruler

Elastic thread (optional)

You can also make a crib rail cover with the same materials for a different look. Use felt instead of cotton/linen and use something other than elastic thread (like ribbon).


Step 4: Cut out your pattern pieces


Cut out your crib rail cover pattern pieces. You’ll need to cut two pieces of fabric that are 6 inches wide and 18 inches long. The top piece should measure 12 inches by 12 inches, and the bottom piece should measure 3 inches by 3 inches.

To make it easier to crib rail cover sewing pattern, use the same fabric for both cover pieces. It’s best to use a fabric the same color as your crib rail cover or crib skirt. If you don’t have any such fabric, choose a neutral color like white or tan so that it won’t show through the holes in your cover material.

Cut a 1-inch hole in one end of each piece of fabric, then fold over at least 2 inches on each side of this hole.


Step 5: Sew two short sides of the fabric together


Sew two short sides of the fabric together, leaving a 3-inch opening in the middle. Turn right side out and press. Fold your fabric down 2 inches on each end, ironing along the fold. Stitch down one side, flip it over, and stitch down the other. Leave a 3-inch gap on either side of the stitching.


Step 6: Create your opening and closure systems


You will need to create a rail cover that has an opening large enough for the baby to pass through but also needs to close securely. The simplest way to do this is to use snaps or Velcro. You can make a cover with Velcro on both sides so that it can be fastened together with one side at the top and the other at the bottom. You could also use snaps on one side and Velcro on the other.

This type of system will provide a much more secure fit and feel than Velcro alone since there are two pieces of fabric instead of just one. This will help prevent your baby from crawling out of the crib and falling out of bed!


Step 7: Finishing touches


Once your cover is complete, you’ll want to add a few finishing touches. Use a piece of painter’s tape to temporarily hold the blanket over the rails so it doesn’t shift during installation. You can also add a little padding or batting around the edges to help keep it in place.




Now that you know how to make a baby crib rail cover, you can start sewing your own. This was a fun project because it isn’t complicated at all, especially if you are not new to sewing. Since you just need to fold and sew up the fabric, you do not need to deal with much.

That’s it. Follow these simple steps, and your baby will soon be sleeping soundly without the risk of injury.



FAQs – How to Make a Baby Crib Rail Cover?


Are crib rail covers safe?

Of course, crib rail covers are safe. Crib rail covers are mattress pads that prevent babies from getting their limbs caught or entrapped between the gaps of the crib. It is doubtful that babies will get injured or die by getting their limbs caught in the crib. However, crib rail covers are the best protection.

How long is a crib rail cover?

Crib rail covers are generally long enough to cover any unused space between the mattress’s top and the crib rail’s top. The length of the crib rail cover depends on the size of the bed and the size of the crib. It also depends on how much fabric you want to use to make the crib rail cover. It is a good idea to measure the crib rail so you know how long the material you will need to cover your crib rail.

Are silicone crib rail cover safe?

These crib rail covers are safe as they are soft yet durable silicone and easy to clean. The covers are easy to install and take off. There are also covers available in a variety of colors and designs.

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