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how to hang a canopy over a crib?

Hanging a canopy over your baby’s crib is an excellent way to keep them safe and comfortable. Hanging something from the ceiling might make you nervous, but it’s simple and can be done with minimal effort.

Hanging a canopy over your child’s bed or crib allows visual privacy and auditory privacy, which are important for their development during sleep time. It also keeps them away from potentially dangerous objects, such as lamps or small toys, that could fall on them if left unsupervised near the bedside table.

What to Look for When Selecting a Canopy

When selecting a canopy for your baby’s crib, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Canopy is the right size for your crib and provides adequate coverage.
  2. Consider the materials and colors that will work best with your decor.
  3. The canopy is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Popular Canopy Materials and Styles

Canopies come in various materials and styles, from simple, classic, elaborate, and ornate. Some popular materials include:

Cotton canvas

Polyester blends

Sheer fabrics



Step 1: Choose Your Canopy

When you’re ready to start shopping for a canopy, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the type of canopy you want. Many different styles are available, from simple pop-up tents to elaborate pavilions with multiple tiers and windows.

Next, consider how much space you have available for your crib and how much light it will receive during the day. If there’s not much natural light coming into your room, look for a darker shade that blocks out more light–this will help keep baby asleep longer at night!

Finally, think about what kind of material would work best with your decorating scheme–canopies come in everything from cotton canvas (perfect if you want something natural looking) to polyester blends (which come in bright colors).

Step 2: Measure Your Crib and Ceiling

The next step is to measure your crib and ceiling height. You’ll need this information to calculate the correct canopy size, which will ensure that it fits properly.

Next, you need to measure your crib and ceiling height. This will help you figure out what size canopy will fit properly. To do this, use a tape measure to determine how high your ceiling is above your crib (it should be at least 6 feet). Then, measure from one side of the mattress to the other (no longer than 60 inches). These numbers will help you determine how long your canopy fabric should be. If your ceiling is taller than 60 inches, use a certain formula to calculate the length of the fabric you need. If your ceiling is shorter than 60 inches, calculate the length you need using a different formula.

Step 3: Prepare Your Materials

To get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Canopy (obviously)
  • You are hanging hardware (screws or hooks) appropriate for your ceiling type. If you have a wood or metal ceiling, we recommend using screws rather than hanging hooks. In many cases, using both screws and hooks is a good idea if you want extra security in case one fails.
  • A drill/driver with an appropriate bit size for installing the hardware into your crib or bed frame

Step 4: Install Ceiling Hooks

Find the best location for ceiling hooks. The first step in changing your canopy is finding a spot on your ceiling where you’d like it placed. This can be above any crib or toddler bed, but if you have an older child who still uses a crib, it’s best to not sleep directly under one of these canopies (they could fall off).

Install ceiling hooks according to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety standards. Once you’ve found where you want your canopy to hang, measure down from the ceiling at least 12 inches (30 cm) and mark this spot with painter’s tape or chalk so that when installing hooks, they’ll hit right at eye level when someone stands underneath them–this will help prevent accidents such as bumping into them while walking through doorways near where they’re installed!

Step 5: Attach the Canopy to the Ceiling

Now that your canopy is attached to the crib, it’s time to attach it to the ceiling hooks. You can use a hammer or a mallet (which I did) if you want, but be sure not to hit too hard and damage any of your walls.

Once you’ve got all four sides of the canopy secured on each hook, take a step back and admire how great this looks! If there are any gaps between where your canopy meets with its corresponding wall piece or other parts of your baby’s room decor, now would be an excellent time for some minor adjustments before moving forward with hanging anything else up there–you don’t want things looking sloppy when they’re done!

Step 6: Drape the Canopy Over the Crib

This is where you get to see your hard work come together. The canopy should be draped over the crib, with one side hanging on either side. If you have a rod that goes across the top of your crib, as I do, you’ll want to make sure that this part is covered by one side of your drape so that it doesn’t show when looking at your baby from above (or below).

If there are no rods or bars on top of your mattress, make sure both sides hang down evenly until they reach their respective corners and stop there–no need for fancy folding techniques here!

Step 7: Decorate and Enjoy

The canopy is a beautiful addition to your nursery but also functional. You can use it as an art piece or as a way to hide things from view (like toys). Add accessories like flowers and lights, or hang curtains on either side of the crib for privacy.

If you want your baby’s room to look more finished and less like a construction zone, consider adding other elements that help keep things organized:

  • Shelves for books and toys
  • Hooks for hanging clothes
  • Bins for storing blankets and sheets
  • Baskets for stuffed animals

These little touches will make everything look nicer while keeping everything within reach–and they’ll save space by keeping items off the floor!

Safety Considerations

Now that you know how to hang a canopy over a crib, it’s important to consider some safety considerations.

There should be no gaps between the crib and the canopy. If there are any gaps, they can cause injury if your baby falls against them or tries to grab onto them.

Use secure ties on all four corners of the crib sheet to stay firmly attached when moving around in bed with your baby! It’s also good practice not to move around too much while sleeping with your child–it’s easy for things like blankets or pillows (or even fingers!) to get caught between yourself and where they’re sleeping at night.

Avoid using any loose stringy material like ribbon or lace along edges because these could potentially get caught on something else (like another piece of clothing) during use–and then potentially injure someone during removal from said item later down the line when trying to take off a said article without realizing what happened earlier.

Many parents have shared their experiences with hanging a canopy over their baby’s crib on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. These posts often feature photos of the finished product and tips and tricks for getting the best results. 

For example, some parents recommend using sheer curtains or lightweight fabrics for a more airy feel, while others prefer thicker materials for a cozier look. Many home decor and parenting blogs also feature articles on this topic, offering step-by-step guides and product recommendations.


Now that you know how to hang a canopy over a crib, here are some final thoughts and recommendations.

If you’re using a crib with an attached changer or bassinet, consider buying an additional canopy to cover both pieces simultaneously. This will allow you to change your baby without moving them from one side of the room to another each time they need changing or feeding.

If your baby doesn’t like being covered by blankets (or if there’s no room for them), try using lightweight muslin swaddles instead of blankets for warmth during naps and nighttime sleep sessions. They’re easy enough for even young babies who aren’t yet rolling over on their own–and they’ll keep them warm without overheating them!

Remember that Your child might not like being covered up in any way when they’re first born but will grow used to it as they get older; alternatively, covering up isn’t necessary because your little one doesn’t mind being exposed. Either way works just fine–remember what works best for YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to hang things above a crib?

It is not recommended to hang anything above a crib that could potentially fall and harm the baby. This includes heavy objects, sharp objects, or anything not securely fastened to the ceiling or wall. Following safety guidelines and recommendations when decorating a baby’s room is important to ensure a safe environment.

How long should a canopy hang over a crib?

The canopy length should be determined by measuring the distance between the ceiling and the top of the crib. The canopy should hang low enough to cover the entire crib but not so low that it poses a safety risk.

Can I use a canopy with a drop-side crib?

Yes, canopies can be used with drop-side cribs as long as they are securely fastened to the ceiling and do not interfere with the operation of the drop-side mechanism.

Is it safe to hang a canopy over a toddler bed?

Yes, canopies can be used with toddler beds if they are securely fastened to the ceiling and do not pose a safety risk.

Can I wash my canopy?

Yes, most canopies can be machine-washed or hand washed. Check the care instructions on the label before washing.

How can I tell if my ceiling hooks are secure?

Make sure the hooks are properly installed and tightened. Give the canopy a gentle tug to see if it feels secure. Check the hooks periodically to ensure they have stayed upright over time.

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