how to hang a baby swing indoors

How To Hang A Baby Swing Indoors?

If you want to hang a baby swing indoors but aren’t sure how to do it or what kind of hardware to use, we can help. In this article, we will give your some tips on how to hang a baby swing indoors safely and securely, so your baby will be in the perfect place at all times—for either eating or sleeping!

Hanging Baby Swing Indoor

Baby swings can provide your baby with hours of comfortable, soothing fun and entertainment—as long as you have somewhere to hang them! If you don’t have space outdoors, or the weather isn’t cooperating, the good news is that you can still hang your baby swing indoors! Whether you are hanging it from a tree branch or other sturdy outdoor object or into the ceiling of your home, there are several ways to hang a baby swing indoors safely. Here are some steps to make sure it’s done correctly.

Let’s face it: 

Parenting is hard. But here are some words of wisdom to keep in mind as you navigate this wild world with your kiddo:

Method 1: 

You can hang a baby swing indoors. It’s easier than hanging one outdoors, and you won’t end up with a permanent hole in your ceiling.

You need a drill, a stud finder, and a swing mount kit. The swing mount kit comes with two brackets that screw into the wall and two long screws that secure the swing to the wall.

First, you find the studs in your wall using the stud finder. You want to attach the brackets to those studs for security. Then you use the drill to put holes in the wall where you’ve marked your spots for drilling (which you did by lining up your brackets against the wall and marking their positions).

Next, you put the screws into those holes and screw them in tightly (but not too tightly, or else they might tear out of the drywall—tighten until they seem secure). Finally, you attach the swing’s mounting plate to those screws.

And voila! Your kid will be swinging safely (and happily) in no time!

Method 2: 

First, find a sturdy beam in the ceiling. An I-beam is probably best, but a normal beam or even a thick branch or piece of lumber will do.

Next, attach 2 ropes, one to each end of the swing. These ropes should be at least 5 feet long.

Finally, attach the other end of each rope to the I-beam. Try not to hit your head on the ceiling!

There you go! You’re ready to start swinging!

The Verdict: How To Hang A Baby Swing Indoors?

Well, we hope you’ve found the information you were looking for! Hopefully, all our research and work compiling this blog was helpful to you. If you have any extra information on indoor swing hanging or don’t agree with something above, please drop a comment below.

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