does baby swing help colic

Does Baby Swing Help Colic? [Full Clarity]

People often ask this question whether baby swing helps colic or not. There are many opinions on the web, some say yes, and some say no, but I want to share my own experience with baby swing to help you get it right by answering the question Does Baby Swing Help Colic?

Let’s find out! And we will also explore how baby swing helps colic. So, stay to resume.

Before Anything Else, What Is Colic?

Colic is a term used to describe the pain in the abdomen of infants. This pain can be caused by gas, bloating, or constipation. The most common cause of colic, however, is believed to be pressure on the baby’s abdomen caused by trapped wind (gas).

This trapped wind can occur when the baby has swallowed too much air during feeding (gastroesophageal reflux) or because of poor digestion and lack of gas being passed out through the anus. The pressure this trapped air exerts on the bowels can cause them to cramp up and become painful for your baby.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Colic?

Colic is a common condition that causes a baby to cry for more than three hours per day, at least three days a week, for more than three weeks. It can be hard on you and your baby, but there are things you can do to help both of you feel better.

The Causes of Colic

Colic has no known cause or cure. In many cases, it goes away on its own within three months of birth. But what causes colic? There are several theories:

Gas trapped in the bowel — gas trapped in the bowel can make a baby uncomfortable. If your baby is gassy, burping or passing gas may help relieve their symptoms.

Digestive problems: if your baby’s digestive system isn’t working properly and they’re not getting enough nutrients from food, they might cry more than usual because they’re hungry or tired from being fussy.

Allergies: If your baby is allergic to something in their environment (such as milk), it could make them fussy and irritable.

What Are The Symptoms Of Colic?

The symptoms of colic can be quite alarming for parents, as they are often very difficult to manage. The most common symptoms include:

-Fussiness and crying

Excessive urine production

-Milky stools

-Belly pain

-Spitting up (for babies)

-Reflux (for babies)

What Can I Do When My Baby Has A Colic Attack?

Little babies are so sweet, it’s almost a shame when they’re having a colic attack. Here are a few tips on what you can do to help your baby during those times:

  1. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.
  2. Try to keep it together if you can.
  3. Remember that this is temporary and will pass eventually.
  4. Take a walk outside if you can, or go for a drive if your baby is old enough (but only if the air quality is good).
  5. Try some different positions for feeding and sleeping—this may help with gas pains or other symptoms of colic.
  6. If your baby has gas pains, try giving them infant gas drops; these may help relieve some of the pressure in their little tummies and make them feel better.

Why Do Doctors Think Baby Swings Can Help Colic?

  1. Doctors think baby swings can help soothe colic because babies are less likely to cry when they’re in motion, and the swinging motion is soothing.
  2. Doctors think baby swings can help colic because the rocking motion mimics how a baby would be rocked in their mother’s arms.
  3. Doctors think baby swings can help with colic because they give babies something to focus on besides the pain of colic, which may help them relax and fall asleep more easily.
  4. Doctors think baby swings can help with colic because they believe that babies who are more relaxed will sleep better than those who are tense, which will reduce the amount of time spent crying during the night.

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Questions: Does Baby Swing Help Colic?

Is Colic Calm Safe for Newborns?

Colic Calm works on the principle of vibration. It is not addictive and therefore safe for your baby. It’s a natural way to calm your baby. In fact, it is harmless to the user as well. By using Colic Calm, you are gifting happiness to your baby and a peaceful night to yourself.

Does Baby Wearing Help With Colic?

Baby wearing helps with colic through two different avenues. The first is through the baby’s vestibular system. In order for a baby’s vestibular system to mature, for a baby to grow into a toddler who cruises and walks, they need to have movement. This is where babywearing comes in. It provides the movement a baby needs to get their vestibular system working.

The other way baby wearing helps with colic is through the baby’s digestive system. The baby’s digestive system is still forming. If a baby’s digestive system is slowed down, they can have colic. Baby wearing allows the baby to eat and digest without being disturbed. If a baby can be close to the mother, they can also feel more safe and secure.

Does Breastfeeding Help With Colic?

Yes, breastfeeding does help with colic. There are a couple of ways in which breastfeeding helps relieve colic. One of these is that the horse’s gut produces a hormone that helps relive colic pains. This hormone is passed on to the foal through the mother’s milk. The second reason breastfeeding helps is that the horse will drink less water if it is drinking mother’s milk, which is dehydrating.

The Verdict: Does Baby Swing Help Colic?

My experience has been, baby swing helps colic a little but it only works while they are swinging. If you put smaller babies in say bouncy seats you can take the swing down to its lowest speed and swing them either on your knees or with one hand holding it. They do need to be touching you in some way though. If they aren’t then they will have nothing to focus on and might get frustrated – which would make colic symptoms worse I reckon.

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